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RangeXTD Is The Best WiFi Booster We Tested - Here's What We Found...

Nov 8th, 2023 | by Dave F. | 2,708 Ratings
This new product blew away the competition this year, earning our #1 Top Pick.

With more of our readers working from home it’s clear that the demand is higher than ever for WiFi Boosters. Most home WiFi routers struggle to reach far bedrooms, offices, or outdoors with a usable, stable signal. There are some options on the business market that are great, but they require extensive supporting hardware, setup knowledge and are expensive.

Enter RangeXTD. This new company has figured out a way to offer a far superior product (even the biggest networking experts agree) at a fraction of the price with their limited time 50% off discount.

The price was so low, we were skeptical that it could deliver on the performance, but we were wrong. Now with positive user feedback rolling in their new RangeXTD Wifi Booster is quickly becoming the most successful device of 2023. We knew it was time to put in to the test against the best of the best.

Here is what we found.

What makes Range XTD so good?

RangeXTD stands out in the WiFi extender market primarily due to its impressive technical specifications, which cater to a wide range of wireless connectivity needs. The device boasts compact dimensions of 110 x 90 x 80 cm, making it small enough to fit discreetly in any space without drawing attention. But although it may be small, it packs a punch, offering speeds up to 300 Mbps.

RangeXTD’s powerful 2.4 Ghz frequencies pumped out by dual antennas are ideal for penetrating walls and other physical barriers, ensuring a strong and reliable signal even in indoor environments with multiple obstructions.

TheRangeXTD’s wireless link rate is another highlight, offering speeds of up to 300 Mbps making it the ideal extender for homes with multiple devices, or families. This rate is more than sufficient for most online activities, including streaming, gaming, and web browsing. Its compatibility with the IEEE 802.11n/b/g standard ensures that it can work seamlessly with a vast array of devices, further adding to its versatility.

The range of the device is particularly noteworthy, providing coverage of up to 320 feet (100 meters) indoors and outdoors. This extensive range makes it an excellent choice for larger homes or offices, ensuring that users can maintain a strong and consistent WiFi connection regardless of their location within the property.

With these specifications, RangeXTD provides an optimal balance of compact design, powerful performance, and broad compatibility, making it a top contender in its category.

We put RangeXTD to the test, and even we didn’t expect it to be this fast

My experience with the RangeXTD WiFi booster starts with its setup. Remarkably, the setup process was straightforward and hassle-free. Despite not being particularly tech-savvy, I found the instructions clear and easy to follow. Within minutes, the RangeXTD was up and running, seamlessly integrating with my existing WiFi network. This ease of installation is a significant advantage, especially for those who might be intimidated by the prospect of setting up new tech devices.

Once installed, the immediate impact of the RangeXTD on my WiFi network was noticeable. The most significant improvement was in the WiFi speed. Previously, areas in my home like the attic and the far end of the garden had weak or non-existent WiFi signals. However, with the RangeXTD, these dead zones were eliminated and replaced with blazing fast internet speeds. The device delivered on its promise of extending the WiFi range, cranking up the WiFi speeds. This extended reach, and faster speed meant that I could enjoy a stable and strong WiFi connection in parts of my home where it was previously unreliable.

In terms of internet speed, the RangeXTD made a VERY noticeable difference. Before using the extender, streaming videos in high definition or engaging in video calls in certain rooms was a frustrating experience due to lag and buffering. With the RangeXTD, these issues were resolved. The booster provided a consistent and reliable internet connection, supporting speeds up to 300 Mbps, which was more than sufficient for streaming, gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive activities without any interruptions.

The RangeXTD extender increased internet speeds by 4x in slow areas of our home

Overall, the RangeXTD impressed me with its combination of easy setup, extended range, and enhanced internet speeds. It proved to be an effective solution for improving WiFi coverage and performance in my home, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to upgrade their wireless internet experience.

What Customers are Saying…

“RangeXTD has eliminated all the dead zones in my house; now I get full WiFi coverage everywhere!”

“I love how RangeXTD works with my old router, no need for expensive upgrades.”

“Setting up RangeXTD was a breeze, and it works like a charm.”

“I’m impressed with the speed improvement in my internet since installing RangeXTD.”

“RangeXTD’s compact design is great, it fits in nicely without cluttering the space.”

“My online gaming experience has vastly improved thanks to the stable connection from RangeXTD.”

“Streaming movies in high-definition is now possible in every room”

“The extended range of WiFi with RangeXTD is fantastic, even reaches my backyard shed.”

“The LED lights are a bit bright for my liking, especially at night.”

“It took a bit longer to set up than I expected, but it eventually worked.”

Final Thoughts

Concluding our review, the RangeXTD stands out as the best overall WiFi extender for a variety of reasons. Its blend of functionality, ease of use, and affordability positions it as a top choice for anyone looking to enhance their home WiFi experience. The device’s simple setup process is a significant advantage, ensuring that users of all technical abilities can easily install and begin using it without hassle. Additionally, the RangeXTD’s performance in extending WiFi coverage is remarkable, effectively eliminating dead zones and providing a stable and strong signal in previously unreachable areas.

The RangeXTD’s compact design is another point in its favor, making it unobtrusive and adaptable to any room decor. Moreover, its compatibility with a wide range of routers and its ability to support dual-band frequencies add to its versatility. The speed improvements and the extended range indoors and outdoors that the RangeXTD provides are substantial, making it ideal for a variety of online activities, from streaming and gaming to everyday web browsing.

While there are some minor critiques regarding its design and occasional need for a reboot, these do not detract significantly from its overall value. In the landscape of WiFi extenders, the RangeXTD distinguishes itself by striking an excellent balance between performance and price, making it an optimal choice for those seeking a reliable and effective solution to WiFi range and connectivity issues. For anyone in need of a WiFi extender, the RangeXTD is undoubtedly a top contender and deserves strong consideration.

As of Dec 9th, 2023: Ever since the RangeXTDr was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, first time buyer 50% discount.

#1 Voted Wifi Booster of 2023​

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