iMemories Review: Is It the Best Way to Convert Old VHS Tapes to DVD, Digital, USB & Cloud?

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There’s something that makes old family photos and movies so special when it comes to reminiscing and re-living your family memories. Whether it’s old photos of your kids and grandchildren or family movies from birthdays and holidays, you can’t put a price on a family memory.

When I met iMemories one day, I was impressed and so happy that I had to share my experience! I had 30 mini VHS tapes that were 12 years old when my kids were babies. We had a house fire when the kids were small and these were the only recorded memories that didn’t get destroyed. I had no way to share these memories cause I don’t have a VCR, they were just sitting in my closet deteriorating. I ordered  iMemories’ box, shipped them off, and waited. I was actually scared that they would all be blank because I heard stories about VHS tapes doing this. I have never had such an elated moment as I had when I got the email that they were done. I’ve downloaded them and watched hours of these videos…remembering, crying, laughing, and more. So I am so glad to share this with you.

If you’re like me, there’s a good chance that you have a box of old photos, VHS tapes, and films that mean the world to you. A new service called iMemories makes it easy and affordable to preserve your old memories (like VHS tapes, films, and Photos) that you want to digitize and save for years to come.

Simply send your home movies and old photos to iMemories using one of their SafeShip Kits, and iMemories will turn them into a digital format and organize them for you too.

Now your old photos, film, VHS tapes, and other memories can easily be viewed, shared, and enjoyed by your entire family on any modern device. (including your smartphone)

I love the ease of transferring my photos, videos, and negatives. It's wonderful to be able to share video memories with family and friends.

iMemories is the world’s most trusted Home Movie and Photo Digitization Company. So far, they’ve helped over 500,000 families digitize their treasured memories and have uploaded 15 MILLION photos and videos…


Sorry, I had to put that in bold caps because it’s so important. These memories are priceless. To trust them to any random company would be silly.

That’s why giant companies like Walgreens, Best Buy, Kodak, The UPS Store, and many other “home video and photo saver” companies use iMemories directly. There isn’t another company on earth that I’d trust more with my family memories.

The Easy, Safe, and Affordable Way To Convert Your Memories!

iMemories turns all of your home movies and photos into a digital format so they can easily be viewed, shared, and enjoyed by your entire family!

  • Enjoy your memories on every modern device – TV, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more.
  • Easily share memories via text, Facebook, email, and more.
  • Quickly download everything to your computer, hard drive, DVD, or Blu-ray for safekeeping and easy access.

I love having all my media in one place and viewable from anywhere

You can send any film or photograph to iMemories and request it to add the content to your collection. Most of its clients send old videotapes from the 1990s and 1980s. Also, you can send a video you shot and saved on standard reels.   

In the early days, movie production studios used reels and only converted to digital formats recently. It does not matter how old your videos are. Chances are, iMemories can help you out. It will accept films from as early as the 1930s. Besides, the iMemories can transfer photo negatives to a disc.

  • White and black film,
  • All types of tapes,
  • Analog photos,
  • Partially damaged videos and photos, and
  • Kodachrome and other color film types.

The Benefits of Digitalizing Your Memories

Simplify the viewing and sharing of your memories. By organizing your memories digitally, you can whip them out at a moment's notice.

Preserve your memories by preventing deterioration. Old fashioned films, photographs, and videos were not designed to last and often fade over time.

It's super easy and convenient to digitalize your memories. Gone are the days of sticky labels and alphabetically ordered filing cabinets. Simply send your collection to us and enjoy the digital organization we provide.

You could discover distant memories you never knew existed

It’s fun to look at the past and piece together your family history. If you’re going to Convert Your VHS Tapes, go with iMemories 50% OFF Special Offer

Here's how the process works

They’ll ship you a crush-proof, water-proof, shock-resistant box, and you just put your old cassettes, videos, photos, and everything else into the box…Without the need to sort, label, or organize anything!

Then you ship it back. iMemories will convert everything to digital format. You can download the digital files and view/share them from the iMemories App.

You can even order your videos and photos on DVD, Blu-ray, or a USB thumb drive. Then they ship you back your original stuff!

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Conclusion: Is the iMemories Worth It?

The answer is a certifiable YES.

When it comes to preserving family memories, we have different options. While you can keep your videos and photographs on a computer, you can also invest in a company that will help preserve your memories. Review the features of such companies to determine what they offer and whether or not they’re convenient.

Get Your Memories Protected and Preserved Today-

Step 1: Order your SafeShip Kit directly from the official website

Step 2: Get a FREE quote, then review and approve it BEFORE you pay

Step 3: Watch, share, and enjoy a lifetime of memories ANYWHERE

Special Offer:

As of July 1st, 2021, iMemories is still offering 50% OFF their special shipping box!

I don’t know how long this deal will last, so you’d better get yours today!

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