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ExtendTecc Is The Best WiFi Booster We Tested - Here's What We Found...

Nov 8th, 2023 | by Robert K. | 2,489 Ratings

Smart Devices Fixes Slow WiFi. Greedy Internet Providers Don’t Want You Using One, But They’re Not Illegal.

This new product blew away the competition this year, earning our #1 Top Pick.

With more of our readers working from home it’s clear that the demand is higher than ever for WiFi Boosters. Most home WiFi routers struggle to reach far bedrooms, offices, or outdoors with a usable, stable signal. There are some options on the business market that are great, but they require extensive supporting hardware, setup knowledge and are expensive.

Enter ExtendTecc. This new company has figured out a way to offer a far superior product (even the biggest networking experts agree) at a fraction of the price with their limited time 50% off discount.

The price was so low, we were skeptical that it could deliver on the performance, but we were wrong. Now with positive user feedback rolling in their new ExtendTecc is quickly becoming the most successful device of 2023. We knew it was time to put in to the test against the best of the best.

Here is what we found.

Plug & Play Setup

ExtendTecc was created by a group of networking engineers that hated hard to use, overly complicated WiFi extenders. They claim anyone can setup ExtendTecc in less than 5 minutes and we have to admit – setup couldn’t have been easier.

We always order it ourselves to ensure we get the same experience as any customer would. It arrived 3 days later and when we opened the box – we were surprised by how small this thing is. You can easily plug it into any wall socket, making it sit flat against the wall.

Designed to be used without any technical knowledge whatsoever, you press a single button on the booster to pair it with your router. Seconds later, it found and connected to our WiFi – in a total of only 57 seconds, it was ready to use.

It was time to test what mattered most, WiFi improvement.

Complete WiFi Coverage

The issue with most WiFi systems, is you have a single router in one part of your house. Then you are sending the WiFi signal through walls, appliances, floors, ceilings, etc. If you even get a signal at the farthest point, it may not only be slow, but unreliable (dropped calls, stuttering video, etc). Each wall can drop the speed by 1/2 or more.

For this torture test, I placed the router on the farthest side of my house which is my living room and measured the signal through the rest of the house. Before ExtendTecc, the living room with the router had 5 bars of signal, the master bedroom 3 bars of signal, the basement 2 bars and the outdoor area was 1 bar. Even when it was usable it was still slow.

Next, I placed the ExtendTecc in the master bedroom which is located in the middle of the house. You want enough signal at the booster so it can extend your WiFi at top speeds. Remarkably, we saw an instant huge boost in range and speed.

Here Are The WiFi Coverage Results:

✅ 5 Bar WiFi Through Solid Walls

All the rooms on the first floor now have 5 bars of WiFi. The speed at the farthest part of the house doubled. Even with my concrete walls (which are the hardest) the booster was able to break through.

✅ 5 Bar WiFi Across 3 Floors (even the basement)

The one area I thought was going to be minimal was the basement. Not only did ExtendTecc deliver 5 full bars of WiFi to every room on the first floor, we measured 5 bars in my basement which shares a wall with the garage. I do have a small attic turned into a spare bedroom, when tested it also got 4 bars (from 1) but the speed was more than 2x before. An excellent result and completely unexpected.

✅ 4-5 Bar WiFi In Backyard & Garage

After I saw the improvement in the basement, I decided to see how far it could go. Walking out to the farthest corner of my fence, I was able to still get 4 bars of signal while the rest of the yard was 4-5 as well.

Overall, this tiny device put out big performance improvements in connection reliability. I was able to make video calls easily walking around my house where before I would have to stay next to the router.

Big Speed Increases

Next up, we wanted to see exactly how much of an improvement ExtendTecc would make. We ran multiple speed tests, in each location.
Location Before ExtendTecc Improvement
Kitchen 128 mbps 282 mbps 120%
Bed 1 (close) 160 mbps 277 mbps 73%
Bed 2 (mid) 90 mbps 260 mbps 189%
Bed 3 (far) 42 mbps 179 mbps 326%
Basement 28 mbps 190 mbps 579%
Garage 67 mbps 220 mbps 228%
Yard 37 mbps 202 mbps 446%

During our tests, ExtendTecc worked extremely well. Our speeds increased from 80% to an amazing 579 %! These are professional level speeds, in my home.

Here are the rest of the tests we did:

4k Video Streaming

This is where my family saw the biggest benefit. Now videos loaded fast at full 4k resolution. We watched several movies from Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Peacock, Amazon, on TVs throughout the house for a week without complaints. If you enjoy high quality movies online, this is for you.

Video Calling & Meetings

We tested multiple calling platforms: Facetime, Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Video, and the results were the same. Connections were stable and the quality was crystal clear. We have poor cellular service at the house and this allowed us to make WiFi calls reliably, with zero dropped calls or voice lag.


Because of the huge improvement in speed, downloads were about 2-3x faster than before. I was able to download a large movie file for work in just under 2 minutes where it was taking me 10-15 minutes before. Outstanding result.

Online Gaming

We tested multiple handheld game systems, games on the smartphone, tablets and PC. Let me tell you that when it’s slow, my kids are complaining. ExtendTecc provided a huge improvement in games, especially when downloading and online gameplay. My son is a competitive online streamer and his words were “This is a sick setup”.

Editors Note: Zero Dropouts

Beyond the impressive speed improvements & complete coverage, the 100% solid reliability is a winner. Before we had calls drop, videos stop, downloads fail, with our old WiFi setup. Now with ExtendTecc, it just would not stop working, no matter what we were doing, our internet was working. This is the BIGGEST improvement I can say when you decide to run a device as capable as ExtendTecc.

What Customers Had To Say

"ExtendTecc saved the day! Our home had frustrating dead spots, and streaming movies was a nightmare. Since using ExtendTecc, the signal reaches every corner, even the backyard. I'm blown away by its performance!"
"As a gamer, strong and stable WiFi is crucial. ExtendTecc proved its worth by delivering lag-free gaming in Every room, including the garage. It's like a magic wand that banished slow internet."
"ExtendTecc turned my entire home into a WiFi cafe! My kids can now stream and game without complaints, and I can work seamlessly from any room. No more buffering or dropouts. Thanks, ExtendTecc!"
"I was skeptical about WiFi boosters, but ExtendTecc exceeded my expectations. From easy setup to consistent high speeds, it's a game-changer. Working from my garden has never been this smooth."

Some Questions We’ve Had

Q: Does ExtendTecc require any installation?

No, it works directly out of the box and is really simple to use. You will have it setup and extending your WiFi in about 2 minutes.

Q: Do I need to buy anything else

No, ExtendTecc comes with everything you need. There are no extra wires, batteries or accessories to deal with.

Q: Is it safe to boost WiFi?

Absolutely yes. The device, while powerful, is perfectly safe to use in your home or office. It’s just not recommended for outdoors or wet places.

How Much Does It Cost?

Even at its full price of $99.9, ExtendTecc Considering most solutions to slow WiFi will cost $100+, this is a steal. But it gets better…

For the time being, ExtendTecc is offering 50% on their official site. This means you can get the best solution on the market for only $49.9.

How Do I Get The Real ExtendTecc?

The only place to get ExtendTecc is from the official website.

DISCLAIMER: As of Nov 14th, 2023* – Ever since the ExtendTecc blew up on international media, it’s been selling off the shelves. Because of the overwhelming popularity and positive reviews, the company is extending their 50% OFF discount for one time only. Stock is NOT guaranteed.

#1 Rated Wifi Extender of 2023

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