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What’s happening to your home when you’re not around?

That’s a question most of us don’t want to think about, but if we’re honest, we’d really like to know.

Daryl is a police officer from Detroit. He has patrolled residential areas in and around Michigan for over 20 years. He says that he’s seen it all, and Daryl wants to inform US residents about what’s going on around their homes when they’re not around.

Then, he urges you to use this particular video doorbell to conveniently monitor your home from an app, at a very affordable price.

Daryl’s Experience With Crime in Residential Areas

Daryl started on the police force in Michigan when he was 27 years old. Back then, in 2002, he said a lot of the crime on residential homes was under control.

Now, in 2022, that’s a different story.

According to Daryl, criminals have gotten smarter. They’ve gotten ahold of more resources to cause harm to communities, and it’s not just big cities.

“A lot of people think that since they don’t live in a place like Detroit or Chicago, they’re not really at risk of burglaries or other neighborhood crime. I can tell you right now that isn’t true”.

Daryl went on to explain some very surprising statistics.

He told us that although we mostly feel safe within our own homes, the reality is that there are 2.5 million break-ins that occur in the US every year, and half of those are in homes. That comes out to 1 break-in occurring every 26 seconds!

"Porch Pirates are now the #1 cause of home theft in the country. Accounting for millions of stolen items a year.".

Petty Crime is Happening In Your Neighborhood Right Now

Daryl wanted to be clear that it’s not just break-ins and burglaries, either. He explained that the majority of reports come in for other crimes, ones that are happening all around your home that you just can’t see.

According to him, every other day the police station hears of someone’s delivery packages getting stolen, some kids who vandalized a property, some outsider harassing a neighbor, or even someone dinging a resident’s car while pulling out of their parking spot.

Many of these crimes won’t cause direct harm to you personally. But a safe neighborhood depends on everyone doing their part to look out for one another.

“It’s essential that homeowners are aware of what’s going on outside their own homes, and that they can respond immediately if something seems wrong.”

Of course, being homeowners ourselves, we had to know what Daryl suggested that homeowners (on a budget!) should do.

Daryl’s #1 Advice for Preventing Petty Crime

He said all you have to do is install Door Ringer.

Door Ringer is a smart doorbell that records what’s going on at your front door and in the immediate surroundings just outside. You can watch the feed on your phone, and it alerts you if anyone approaches your door,” Daryl explained.

We thought that sounded pretty great, so we asked him if it actually worked to protect the neighborhood.

“I advocated for residents to install Door Ringers in my neighborhood outside of Detroit. About one third of the homes agreed to it. Within one year, I project that we caught about 40% more petty crime, and heaven only knows how much we prevented once people figured out this wasn’t a neighborhood to be messed with.”

We were starting to see why Door Ringer was such a good idea, but we wanted to look into it ourselves before recommending it to our readers.

What exactly is Door Ringer?

Just like Daryl said, Door Ringer is a doorbell that is also a video camera, but it actually does a lot more.

For starters, Door Ringer is installed without any wiring. Anyone can do it themselves, which is a huge plus.

Once it’s installed, the ringer detects motion and alerts you through your smartphone whenever someone is around your front door. You can see the person from head to toe, as well as the surrounding area around 170 degrees, like your deck, yard, driveway, and street.

But it’s not just seeing the person that Door Ringer does.

You can also have a conversation with the person at your door since it’s made with 2-way audio.

“Our residents were thrilled they got Door Ringer, and not just for the safety features. They all said it was so convenient to talk to delivery drivers if there was a problem while they were at work, and talk to guests to say they weren’t home when they popped up on their smartphone live feed.”

Advanced Home Safety Tech, but Affordable for Everyone

This type of technology isn’t new, and it’s been around since 2013. The problem is that up until now, video doorbells have been way too costly for regular homeowners, running up a bill of $800 or more.

Now that we’ve had nearly 10 years to perfect the technology, the Door Ringer company was able to recreate the exact same technology of expensive video doorbells, and make it possible for anyone to buy.

As Daryl says, “Making video doorbells accessible for everyone is crucial these days. They should not just be for people with wealthy homes. The Door Ringer brand makes it possible for anyone to protect their home, and I believe that’s our American right.”

We couldn’t agree more!

We Found The Best Deal On Door Ringer

Unlike the major brands that cost upwards of $800, Door Ringer has all the same features, but only costs $149.99 at retail value. 

Having said that, a member of our team did some research, and they found out that the company is running a flash sale for US residents only where you can get it for 33% off at $99.99. However, if you have more than one door like most people do, it’s a good idea to get two, and you can get 2 for $149,99, which saves you 45%

Just a warning, though – We have no idea how long the deal will last, but our sources say this type of discount tends to only go for 48 hours or less. 

Click here to go to their website and see if you can get the deal for Door Ringer ——–>

After finding the deal and our conversation with Daryl, myself as well as plenty of others were surprised to hear about what goes on around our communities when we’re not looking. But more than that, we were downright curious

So we decided to get Door Ringer and see for ourselves. This is what we found. 

I installed Door Ringer on my door, and this is what I saw.

I decided to be the first ginny pig. 

I wasn’t lucky enough to catch the price discount like you are, so I got mine at full price. Even still, it’s a fraction of what you pay for the others. 

Easy to Install & Use With the App

The Door Ringer arrived at my door within 4 days. Installation was actually really easy; just 15 minutes, and that’s saying a lot coming from me. 

Once it was up and I installed the app, I couldn’t wait to use it!

While I was at work, I kept glancing at my phone to see what was going on. Nothing happened for a few days, but I was marveling at the quality of the video. The picture was super clear, even at night, which really surprised me. It even had an angle that was pretty far reaching, all the way to my driveway and out onto the street. 

On the third day of using Door Ringer, I finally saw something very, very interesting

A Shocking Sight!

I checked the app during a coffee break, and right there on the screen was a bobcat, and it was on my front deck! 

I live in a rural area surrounded by trees, and it’s not uncommon to see wild animals around. But when they start to come close to the homes, the community has to inform one another to stay on alert. 

Of course I immediately called all of my surrounding neighbors, and everyone was super appreciative for the heads up so they could keep their kids and animals safe. 

This might not have been the petty (or even truly dangerous) crime that Daryl was warning us about, but I can see now that it pays off to see everything happening around your house, even the wildlife!

Homeowners and Door Ringer Users Sandra and Michael Tennison

Conclusion: Is Door Ringer the right solution for you?

The benefits of a video door bell are clear, and they have been for years. If you want to monitor your home and help keep your community safe, it’s a necessary tool.

If you want to do all of that, but NOT spend an arm and a leg, then Door Ringer is the best brand to have it all for less money.

I picked up two – one for my front door and one for the back – and I’ve been loving it ever since. Thank goodness I haven’t caught anything “bad” happening yet, but I love the convenience of seeing who’s at my door and around the property at all times.

Especially with the discount running (assuming it still is), I say you should absolutely go for it!

DISCLAIMER: As of January 7th, 2022* – Ever since the Door Ringer blew up on international media, it’s been selling off the shelves. Because of the overwhelming popularity and positive reviews, the company is extending their 50% OFF discount for one time only. Stock is NOT guaranteed.

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