Top 5 Best Portable Outdoor Speakers 2021

Updated: June 6th, 2021

Summertime is about having fun outdoors. Invite a few friends round for a BBQ, light the grill, and let the kids splash around in the pool. Enjoy the lazy afternoon sun on the patio as you sip on a cocktail and watch the light fade while you chat with your friends.

It sounds like a dreamy way to spend a summer weekend, right? But what are you doing to entertain your guests? Playing some music in the background enhances the outdoor experience, lifting everyone’s mood. While the conversation takes a dip, the music fills the gap, instead of awkward silence.

An outdoor stereo system is a great idea, but you don’t want to leave expensive equipment lying around outdoors in the summertime. If there’s an afternoon shower, it could damage your setup. You need a set of outdoor speakers to connect to your sound system indoors, or through your phone.

Outdoor speakers have all the specs and features of indoor speakers, with additional waterproofing and weather resistance. There are various models of outdoor speakers available, from fixed models requiring a permanent installation to portable speakers you can set up and connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

We’ve tested over 26 speakers, and below you’ll find our picks for the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers.

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Why OutStyle Music Portable Speaker Is Our #1 Pick of 2021?

Most of us couldn’t imagine living without music. Fortunately, today, it is easy to listen to your favorite songs anywhere, thanks to the famous Bluetooth speakers. If you are looking for a quality speaker that won’t cost a fortune and won’t disappoint in sound – OutStyle Music is the best outdoor speaker for your needs.  

If you consider yourself a music fan, you will love just how amazing your playlist will sound with OutStyle. It is completely wireless and waterproof, perfect for taking it with you on your next outdoor adventure.

OutStyle Music Speaker: What Is It & How to Use it

OutStyle is a lightweight, portable wireless speaker designed to deliver 360-degree audio. Like most wireless speakers, it is easy to connect, fun to use, and comes with a USB rechargeable battery. 

While most people use it for playing music, OutStyle also provides high-quality playback for podcasts and can serve as a speaker for hands-free calling.  

Before you press “play,” make sure to connect the speaker to your phone or tablet and check if the battery is full. Considering it is an easy-to-use device, you won’t have any troubles connecting and using OutStyle. Once you ensure the battery is fully charged, turn the speaker on, and play some of your favorite songs.

What Makes OutStyle the Best Outdoor Speaker System?

OutStyle Music boasts a vast selection of features, making it the perfect gadget for any pool party, camping, or beach adventure.

Advanced Bluetooth Connectivity

OutStyle Music adopts Bluetooth 4.2 technology, which is an updated version of the popular 4.1 technology. For those who are more familiar with how this technology works, 4.2 is 200% faster than 4.1, has a stable sign, and can produce high transmission rates.  

You can play music at beach or pool parties through your phone even if you are 30 feet away.

Best Waterproof Speaker

OutStyle has an IP67 rating, making it a completely waterproof wireless speaker. You can fully immerse the speaker up to one meter in a pool for 30 minutes. 

While water is one of the worst enemies for some outdoor speakers, it is not an issue for OutStyle. The speaker was made for beach days and pool activities, so rest assured that no water, sand, or dirt will ruin your playlist. 

Easy to Use

If you aren’t tech-savvy, that is not a problem at all. OutStyle is one of the simplest outdoor speakers to use, and you’ll figure it out as soon as you get it out of the box. The product also comes with a user manual explaining all the features it offers.

Lightweight & Portable

OutStyle Music is lightweight and portable. You can hold it with one hand, attach it to your belt, or set it on a bicycle handle; all you need is to connect the device with your phone and enjoy your favorite songs everywhere you go.

Powerful Sound

Many people assume that such a small speaker could never produce powerful sound, but that is not the case. You’ll be surprised by how loud OutStyle is, no matter where you are – camping with your friends in the mountains, driving a bike across the lake, or partying by the pool. The bass of the speaker is out-of-this-world.  

Besides listening to music, you can also enjoy podcasts, make and receive calls, or tune in to your favorite audiobook. OutStyle will serve you better than most Bluetooth speakers out there.

360-Degree Speakers

As we said before, OutStyle Music is not an ordinary wireless speaker. It is the best outdoor speaker for many reasons, one of which is the 360-degree speakers.  

Having these kinds of speakers makes the sound even better. People can listen to their favorite song more loudly and clearly because the speakers deliver the sound from different angles, allowing you to enjoy the music clearly with full vibes. 

Mini Subwoofer

The subwoofer reproduces sounds at low frequencies and sets the mellow vibe one hears in a song. Well, OutStyle Music comes with a mini subwoofer, which is certainly going to elevate your music listening experience.

Product Specifications

  •     Dimensions: 80 x 100mm
  •     Weight: Approximately 120gr or 4.23 ounces 
  •     Bluetooth: 4.2 Wireless Technology 
  •     Battery: Bult-in 1800mAH battery 
  •     Sound Output: 5W
  •     Sound Intensity: 120Hz
  •     Weather Resistance: Water and Dust-proof 

OutStyle Outdoor Speaker Benefits

  • Although small, OutStyle provides powerful sound and high-quality bass
  • It is 100% wireless, has a long-lasting battery, and makes use of advanced Bluetooth technology like no other outdoor speaker
  • It comes with 360-degree speakers, allowing the listener to hear clear sounds, no matter the position 
  • The speaker has an ergonomic handle for easy carrying
  • It is compact, lightweight, and portable

Where to Buy an OutStyle Speaker

For anyone looking for a robust outdoor speaker that doesn’t cost a fortune, OutStyle is an excellent option.  

If you are impressed by all the options and features this Bluetooth speaker offers, you probably wonder where to get one.  

Well, you have a couple of options, but the best one is to purchase the OutStyle Music wireless speaker directly from the official site. Many sites, third-party vendors, and sellers claim they sell the original product, but you can be 100% secure that you’ll get the gadget everyone talks about and enjoy its numerous perks when you purchase from the OutStyle site.  

Buying from the official brand is the safest way to get to your new favorite outdoor gadget. 

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A Final Word

Summer is the time for outdoor fun, and you shouldn’t have to experience it without music. Whether you have planned an adventurous weekend with your friends, a romantic getaway with your partner, or a pool party at your home, OutStyle Music speaker will surely add to the excitement and make your days even more enjoyable.  

OutStyle Music is worth the hype, and without a doubt, worth the money. It is one of the most affordable yet most powerful small speakers on the market. Adding this gadget to your summer parties and adventures is an excellent way to get the most out of your events, no matter what location – park or beach.  

Hurry up and add the best outdoor speaker to your shopping list.

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