Top 5 Best Rechargeable Emergency LED Bulbs for Power Outages

Updated: Feb 8th, 2023

With everything that’s been happening around the world; natural fires, cyclones, pandemics, and whatnot, it seems like you can never be too prepared for an emergency. One common downside of calamities such as natural disasters is the power outage. 

There is nothing worse than sinking into sudden darkness without having anything to guide you through it. It’s pretty debilitating if you have no backup and need to wait for the power to restore before you can do anything at all.

While investing in backup energy sources might be uncalled for (unless you’re faced with power outages often) having a backup light source is a sensible idea everyone should think about.

Most of us tend to have those backup flashlights but more than half of us are never able to find them when we need them. Even if we end up finding the flashlight, it has a limited illumination area, which might not be enough for the entire house.

Enter emergency bulbs, these go into light fixtures like every other bulb. But here’s the catch, they turn on when the electricity goes out using an internal rechargeable battery.

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Why Are Surge Emergency Bulbs Our #1 Choice?

When it comes to preparing for emergencies, reliability is an indispensable property. These Surge emergency bulbs have a massive lifespan of up to 2500 hours. Once fully recharged these bulbs provide a backup light of up to 6 hours, which is more than any of its competitors.

Product Specifications

  • 120 VACS input voltage
  • 25 hours LED lifespan
  • 9 Watt LED with 800 lumens
  • Power-Saving LED Bulb
  • Built-in Self-Charging Battery
  • Over 6 Hours Backup Light
  • 80% less energy consumption

What Makes It Stand Out?

It’s Super Affordable

Surge uses a direct manufacturer when it comes to their light bulbs, eliminating the cost of third-party suppliers. They also sell exclusively via their own website, reducing the cost of middle-man service providers. As a result, their bulbs are priced lower than most of their competitors.

They also sell the bulbs as a set of multiples. If you buy those, you save even more money!

Plus, they provide free shipping on every order! What more could you possibly ask for?

More Energy Efficient Than Any Other Light Bulb

Not only do you save money when you buy these bulbs but you also save money on your energy bills! The Surge emergency bulbs use up to 80% less electricity than your average light bulbs. 

This feature also makes them better for the environment, making them a more sustainable choice in the long run.


Normal filament bulbs tend to burn out with one-time usage and will only last for up to a year of usage. However, the Surge backup light bulbs do not use a filament and are instead powered by lion batteries that give them a longer life compared to other bulbs.


With the provided base, you can use these light bulbs even outside a fixture as a portable light such as a flashlight. Making it a multi-function backup light.

Hassle-free installation

There are no fancy instructions to using this light bulb, simply screw it onto any light fixture to install it and let it charge! That’s it.

How Much Do Surge Light Bulbs Cost?

The cost of one bulb goes down with the number of pieces you buy;

  • A single bulb costs $42 and is currently on discount at $34.95
  • A pack of 4 bulbs cost $168 but currently sell at $69.97
  • A pack of 8 bulbs normally costs $336 but is currently $109.99


There is nothing more disorienting than having to find a flashlight in the midst of darkness. These Surge emergency light bulbs are the perfect cost-effective and energy-efficient alternatives that do more than illuminating a particular area. Do yourself a favor and add to the cart right now!

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