Top 3 Best Cool Mist Humidifiers 2021

Updated: June 6th, 2021

If you are experiencing dry lips, itchy skin, cough, sinus, and allergy problems, cracking of wood furniture and musical instruments, then it is the time to buy a humidifier as it keeps your room or your home moist.

Sometimes the dry weather causes breathing difficulties that lead to other health issues. Cool mist humidifier produces a mist that makes the air in your room less dry.

There are two types of cool mist humidifiers; ultrasonic and evaporative. They are available in different sizes with various features, pros, and cons. Let’s see which humidifiers on the market are the best for you.

Our researchers have bought & tested some of 2021’s most popular humidifiers such as SleepConnection, Honeywell, Homasy and Guardian, and here’s our list of the top 3 based on these factors –

  • Mist
  • Sound
  • Water capacity
  • Durability
  • Price

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Why the Sleep Connection (SC) Cool Mist Humidifier Is Our #1 Pick?

The SC Cool Mist Humidifier is affordable, reliable, and packed with useful features. It ranks as the best mist humidifier available today thanks to its quality construction, whisper-quiet operation, and energy efficiency.  

The compact and stylish design with built-in ambiance lighting helps it win more points and make it a welcome addition to any home.  

Highly effective, portable, and USB-chargeable, what’s not to love? Is this filter-free dry air solution the right option for you? Find out more by reading this review. 

What Is the SC Cool Mist Humidifier?

It ticked all the boxes when designing this model. It releases a fine mist of cool water into the air. The fog counteracts dryness that can irritate the respiratory tract and worsen asthma symptoms. 

Features of the SC Cool Mist Humidifier

  •     Compact
  •     Portable
  •     USB-chargeable
  •     Stylish
  •     One-touch operation
  •     Mood-lighting

What Can It Do for You?

This SC humidifier provides a constant stream of cool mist. Raising the humidity level in the room allows warm and cool mist to keep the mucosal membrane in the nose in optimal shape. This membrane is lined with tiny cilia that filter out bacteria and viruses.  

Dry air damages these structures and so causes them to be less effective. By providing the moisture to keep the membrane supple, a humidifier protects these delicate structures, improving your comfort and immunity.  

Dry air can also dehydrate the skin, causing painfully chapped lips and sensitivity.

What Makes It Special?

Is it the stylish design that makes this the best mist humidifier? It’s tempting to think so, but there’s a lot more to this model than meets the eye.  

While many humidifiers have a bulky water tank, this model is easy to carry. Who needs a one-gallon tank while you’re on the move?  

Simply charge it up before leaving home, and you can operate it as you like. It’s so easy to use that there’s no need for a remote control or various other accessories. 

How Does It Work?

Place the humidifier on a level surface with at least 6 to 12 inches of space all around it. Ideally, the surface should be water-resistant, as condensation may run down the outside of the unit. To avoid the odd watermark, use a coaster under the humidifier.  

Ensure that the device is at least 6 inches away from any electronics and that the space above it is clear. You should not, for example, place it on a shelf inside a cabinet, but rather in an open area.  

Lift off the lid by firmly twisting the top and pulling it up, and then fill the tank with water. The water should be cool rather than warm or hot. Replace the cap and twist it on securely before plugging in the charging cable.  

Plug the other end of the cable into a USB charger and allow the device to charge. You may choose to use it while plugged in or run it solely on battery power.  

Either way, power the device on and wait for a few seconds. You’ll know it’s on when the nightlight activates and illuminates the switch. It will take about 10 to 20 seconds for the humidifier to produce the mist. 

Why a Mist Humidifier Is a Must-Have Device

Why do you need a humidifier? Our home heating and cooling systems make extremes of weather more bearable. However, they dry out the air in the process. A mist humidifier solves this problem by releasing a steady stream of water vapor.  

The top benefits include the following: 

  • It keeps your lips and skin moist and supple: Dry air saps the moisture from your skin, leaving it feeling dry, tight, and itchy. The tender skin on the lips and the hands fares worst in low humidity conditions.
  • It protects your throat: The air’s drying effects can also extend to inside your body. As you inhale, the mucosal membrane of the throat dries out, affecting your vocal cords and causing your voice to become hoarse and scratchy. 
  • It helps keep the sinuses clear: Moist air soothes the sinus cavity and helps the body to keep it clear of mucous. The additional moisture lubricates the passages and makes it easier for the body to clear congestion. 
  • It supports your body’s immune response: As you inhale through your nose, the air passes through a series of tiny hairs. These hairs, or cilia, trap foreign particles like dust and bacteria, keeping you healthy. To function correctly, they require slight humidity. 
  • It reduces snoring: When there is insufficient moisture in the mouth and throat, the tissues become less firm. They are, therefore, more likely to slump into the throat and cause an obstruction of your breathing, resulting in snoring. 
  • It regulates the temperature in your home: The drier the air, the icier it tends to feel. Increasing the humidity can improve your comfort in both summer and winter by keeping the temperature more even.  

Where to Buy the Cool Mist Humidifier

It’s usually best to buy from the official online store directly, not a retailer, as you get the fastest and most reliable service. Check the latest price by clicking on the link below and secure your deal today.


Is a warm or cool mist humidifier better?

Both increase the humidity in the area, so it comes down to your preference. A cool mist model may prove safer in a home with pets and small children as it operates at lower temperatures. The warm humidifier can make the room feel warmer as well. 

Is it good to sleep with a humidifier?

If you’re sleeping with an air conditioner on, yes. The dry air from your AC can irritate the sinuses and worsen the symptoms of allergies. A humidifier can help you sleep more comfortably. 

Bottom Line

The Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier is the best mist humidifier on the market today. It features a clever, compact design that will fit with any decor. It’s affordable, hard-working, portable, and very quiet. You won’t ever want to leave home without it. 

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"The best in market"

3,831 Reviews

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