5 Best Eyelid Tapes & Eyelid Lift Strips - for a Sharp-eyed Look

Updated: Nov 27th, 2023

Not happy with saggy, hooded and uneven eyes? Surgery is too much money and a risk? Then, we’ve sorted it out for you!

If you’ve an event coming up and you’ve a busy week full of deadlines but your mirror image makes you skeptical towards your natural beauty then, eyelid tapes will instantly enhance your lids, giving you bigger,dazzling eyes!

Due to ageing,chronic sickness,hormonal imbalances or naturally by birth, one may have small eyelids with minimal to null elasticity. This shouldn’t stop us from looking at our best. Eyelid tape strips have brought a revolution in the beauty industry as they have the magic to instantaneously lift your eyelids by gently lifting extra skin and giving you a gimlet-eyed look. No use of invasive procedures, consumption of time and money, just some practice and you’ve got the hawk-eyed look to become the epicenter of a party!

In this article, I shall be talking about a few eyelid tape strips that I’ve tried and assessed over the course of a few months. Try them out for yourself and pick the one that boosts your youthful confidence.

Here are 5 eyelid tapes to revitalize yourself. 

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Why Is Contour Rx Lids By Design’s Eyelid Tape Strips the #1 Pick?

If a product has the metiers of being created by medical experts, is award winning and is being used by everyone,everywhere, it has to have my preference.

Not only does it instantly define my eyelids but can also correct asymmetry and re-contour hooded eyes, that too nonsurgically!

The eyelid tape strips are 6 mm in size, making them perfect for an ideal lift of my droopy eyes. The lift is sufficient enough to allow me to use liquid eyeliners, unlike before, when eye makeup was not for my floppy eyes.These quick and easy to use eyelid tapes have allowed me to flaunt like I’ve got Jennifer Lawrence’s radiant eyes.

It is a one-sided adhesive, making it trouble-free for newbies like me.After very little trial and wastage of eyelid tapes, I was able to wear them frequently. Other products would get me tangled in them and stick to any skin they came in contact with.

If I have to wear something on my eyelids for a long period of time, it has to be safe for my eyehealth. These eyelid tapes are latex free, medical grade as well as hypoallergenic.Making them 100% safe for 24 hours, allowing me to wear a subtle look during work.

So much thought has been put into the design.They are translucent making them suitable for all skin tones and totally unnoticeable, unless you point them out yourself. Also allows you to use eye makeup under them. The adhesive is durable enough to stay on makeup for upto 24 hours.

Benefits of Contour Rx Lids By Design’s Eyelid Tape Strips:

It is a suitable product to solve monolids in a swift,clean and safe manner.You won’t have to wait for it to set in place before applying your eyeliner as it works instantly! And it creates minimal mess, so if you have a Monica in you then, this one is made just for you!

They provide a temporary solution to stooped eyes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a permanent change in your crease shape which may damage your eyes.

They give a natural look and are comfortable to wear for long hours without distorting your vision or irritating your eyes.Now beauty is no longer a pain!

The pack contains 80 eyelid tape strips along with a few extra ones to practice on. How great is that? Extra tape strips so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting money when you’re learning to use them. Also contains a tweezer for perfect placement and a travel case.

How to use Contour Rx Lids By Design’s Eyelid Tape Strips?

  1. Clean your eyelids and wait for the moisture to dry out for better adhesion. Lids by design can stick on makeup too.
  2. Peel the strips using a tweezer from their packing.
  3. Place them where you want a new crease, preferably above the present crease following the curve of your eye socket.

A few tips from my side:

  • Be gentle while placing them.Pushing hardly to stick them can be injurious to your eyes.
  • Use a dark eyeliner or false lashes to make them more unnoticeable than they already are.
  • Remember to remove and discard them at the end of the day.

How much do Contour Rx Lids By Design’s Eyelid Tape Strips cost?

One pack with 80 strips is $31.95.

Two packs with 160 strips is $30.00 per unit, saving 25%.

Three packs with 240 strips is $26.00 per unit, saving 35%.

The latter two deals also come with the benefit of free shipping.


No way am I going to opt for expensive and painful surgeries, fillers or other treatments for my sagging eyes and monolids. Eyelid tape strips are my forever choice for a wide-awake look.

Save Up to 50%




5,083 Reviews

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